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Contact Information for the empAθos National Consulate

The empAθos National Consulate website is intended for information and educational purposes only. For empAθos People this website is intended as a central clearinghouse for news, information, and interaction. For non-empAθos people, this website is intended as an introduction to the empAθos people and our way of life in such a manner as to prevent invasions of our privacy, and avoid interference with our daily lives.

Our informational web domain is, and our commercial domain is We have no affiliation with any other website, entity or organization using the "empathos" name or any of its variations.

Since the words "empathos", "Empathos" and "empAθos", or any variation of this name, represent a generic designation and "empAθos" itself represents a particular cultural group, it cannot be legally copyrighted or registered as a trade-name or trade-mark, anymore than such words as "Jew" or "African", or Navajo". Our use of this designation has a long history, and very likely constitutes prior use. Others who chose to use our name do so without our consent, and without any association with the empAθos people or our agents or agencies.

Spoofing the empAθos Domains

A userpation of our domain names has occured and is being used as a spoof to send spam. As there is no way to stop this, we have deployed Sender Policy Framework to verify our e-mail from it's source. As we are not the senders of the offending spam messages, we are not responsible for their source, their content or their effect. As technology develops to combat this manace, we will endeavour to employ it where possible.

For Information

* Cheryl J. Mason-Middleton, Curator *

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