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Please note that these Black Studies pages are no longer updated, but continue to be presented for information purposes.

A Reference Resource to the Cultures of Africa
the African Diaspora on the Web


Welcome to the empAθos National Library, Africa & the African Diaspora Web Site. Africa and her culture have been the singular influence upon all of Human expression, from the time that hominids first walked up-right and first created tools, to the present day. No branch of humanity can point to their evolutionary development without the influence of Africa, either biologically, or culturally.

In an age of globalization where a traveler may reach any part of the earth in a matter of hours, and in a time when the so-called "developing nations" are sharply represented within Africa's shores, it becomes the responsibility of other nations to come to understand Africa's rich history, dynamic contribution, and future potential to be a definer of global cultural unity. We present these pages to as an opportunity for the study the cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the African Diaspora, and as an opportunity for all humanity to learn of their mother continent.

As the empAθos National Library is a private collection with a limited patronage, and not a publicly administered lending library.

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