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Election Issues

~ 2004 Presidential Candidates ~

~ Online Voter Registration (Courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign) ~

Media Issues

~ Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting ~ Spin Project ~

Organizations Endorsed by the empAθos Nation

We encourage our members to contribute to these organizations and activily support their efforts.

~ Amnesty International ~ American Civil Liberties Union ~
~ Common Cause ~

~ Southern Poverty Law Center ~ Human Rights Campaign ~

~ ~

~ The Nature Conservancy ~ Sierra Club ~
~ International Dark-Sky Association ~

Protecting one's Privacy On-line and Off

We believe that the greatest threat to freedom, in this technological age, is to be found in the Internet and in the misuse of the power that it provides. Therefore, we believe that the protection of personal privacy is at the very heart and soul of civil liberties, and support efforts to protect personal privacy from any who would seek to invade it, be they criminals or governments, be they law breaker or law makers.

~ ~ ~

~ Electronic Frontier Foundation ~ Electronic Privacy Information Center ~ Center for Democracy and Technology ~

~ ACLU Cyberliberties Page ~ Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility ~ Privacy Rights Clearinghouse ~

~ Privacy Foundation ~ Privacy International ~ Cryptography Policy ~ The International PGP Home Page ~

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