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Who are empAθos People?

empAθos People are an ever evolving though quite small family of people with a unique outlook intended toward self improvement and enrichment through continual learning and growth.

The primary trait that sets empAθos people apart from everyone else is an inborn and socially acultured empathic sense. Thus the name: empAθos(pronounced em-pah-th [soft "th" as in the word "anthem"] -os), from the Greek homo empathos:

ηoμo εμπαθoσ

"same in feeling".*

The empathic sense that sets us apart is more than the sympathetic "Oh, I know how you feel" kind of cliché. It embodies a real experience of the emotion of an individual or individuals in the presence of an empAθos person. This has specific and profound implications both for the empAθos person and for individuals encountering empAθos people.

To experience the feelings of people around you doesn't always mean that you understand the meaning or focus or purpose of those feelings. The result is that the individual who has an empathic sense may feel your feelings as you are experiencing them, but will likely find them confusing without some clarification either through the shared circumstance or through some form of explanation from you. In other words, you may enter the room after experiencing a situation that has angred you. The empAθos individual in the room will immediately feel your angre, but being unaware of the circumstance that made you angry, will sense that angre as being directed toward them. Thus, we tend to be shy and tend not to draw attention to ourselves.

This doesn't mean that we don't have our more gregaroius family members, and these of our siblings are of great value as resources for interaction with the greater human community.

Therefore, empAθos people value certain emotional skills very highly, among them, specific and precise communication, and emotional discipline. empAθos also value privacy very highly. Clear and concise communication is key to dealing with empAθos people. We value precision in communication, courtesy in that communication, and definitive emotional control. Uncontrolled emotion is seen as completely unacceptable, and will require immediate apology. The best protocol when among empAθos people is courtesy, apology (seen as a great virtue) and concise communication.

Our religious background is largely Abrahamic (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), but we aren't so restrictive, and embrace many systems of belief and even non-belief. If a religious system were to come closest to our outlook it would be Shinto, as this recognized the energetic quality of all things in the universe (kami) and welcomes everyone, acknowledging the validity of every system of belief, and even of non belief. Our base is scientific. As we test the strength of each belief, we refine our understanding. If we believed something in the past that came to be found to test false, we simply cease to follow that hypothesis and move on to other more substantive things. If a belief is untestable, we can hold that belief as a hypothesis and simply consign it to possibility without evidence. To quote the late Carl Sagan, "Absence of evidence isn't necessarily evidence of absence."

We don't look for messiahs and we don't stand on loyalty to ideologies or doctrines, dogmas or prophetic pronouncements. The combination of logical thinking, and empathic connection requires of us both clarity of mind and compassion of heart.

Can you become a member of the empAθos Community? Likely not. We are a family, not a cult. We neither actively recruit members nor accept any "converts." We do encourage education of all people, especially to learn about people different from yourself and come to grow more aware of your own flexability of compassion and understanding. developing a clarity of mind through science and a compassionate heart through sensitivity toward others will most likely bring about a better world.

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